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Choosing the right website package is easy and quick with our three package range. All of our website packages are designed for small micro businesses or self employed individuals looking to make their first mark on the internet and capture a wider audience.

You can either choose the package that’s right for you by checking out our packages below, or you can get in touch with us and let us know more about your project right away. We’ll guide you through the website development process and help you to choose the package that’s right for you.

There’s no need to spend thousands of pounds on your first business website, for many small businesses a complete custom code website is completely unnecessary. We can provide you with a modern, professional solution with a price that suits your budget.


 Website Domain

A website domain is the address people use to get to your website. We specifically choose a website name that will be easy to remember and is optimised to make search engines like Google find your website easily and present it to the RIGHT people.

Domains can cost anywhere between £3-£30 for 1 or 2 years depending on what type of domain you want. We recommend domains for all our UK customers and provide these as standard for all our packages for a minimum of 1 year. Even with a domain name, you will still need to get HOSTING for your website. If you don’t have this already, we offer standard hosting in our Extra Features range.

Basic Content

When your website goes live, you’ll need some basic content on there to get customers interested in your business. We will need you to provide us with as much information about you and your business as possible. Once received, we will write your website content for you as a part of all of our website package deals.

We strongly recommend you take advantage of this service, you may not realise it but successful websites generate a lot of organic traffic (traffic that is not generated by paying for it eg PPC, Adwords etc) simply by adding the right wording to your website.

Google evaluates the relevance of websites for search terms partly by the content that is on the website itself. This is why websites that consist only of images and flash content don’t tend to do well in organic searches, because search engines can’t figure out what they are about. We set up your website so that the content is not only helpful and professional for customers, but also helpful for search engines too. which in turn will help your website attract more potential customers. For example, Geographical SEO is fundamentally important for many small businesses.

Link Submission

We will help you get started on the road to SEO marketing, by submitting your new website to Google and DMOZ. Submitting your website to search engines will allow them to catalogue your website for future use in search results when people try to find your website or information related to it. Exactly how close to the TOP of these search results your website link is, will depend on your ongoing SEO marketing however, the first step is to ensure your website is listed in the first place.

 Up to 5 Pages

Not to be confused with Basic Content. Your website, in all packages, will have up to five pages for users to browse. This will typically mean: Home Page, Contact Page, About Us, Articles and Services/Prices. If you think you will need more pages than this, you may wish to consider not choosing the Basic package and going for the Standard or Platinum package instead.

Gallery and/or Events

Some websites may benefit from a Gallery showcasing relevant photographs. These can include a range of past project pictures you have completed for previous clients or portfolio examples or even just pictures of the people involved in your work or website. Other websites may also benefit from an events calender to Highlight your organizations schedule and/or special events. These features are exclusive to the Standard and Platinum packages.

SEO Articles

Your website will be more inviting to search engines based on a healthy amount of content relevant to your website’s topic. That means if your website is all about gardening, having plenty of articles about gardening will ensure your website is higher on search results, which in turn will mean a higher chance of visitors navigating to your website. It may also help your visitors out with some useful information which will also reflect well on you. That’s why to give you a helping hand in our Standard and Basic packages we will create 5 Search Engine Optimized articles for your website.

Custom Images

Add some flair to your website with custom images to make reading your website easier and more interesting. These images will be custom made by us specifically for your website to give it a unique and professional look.

5 Extra Pages

To supplement your website existing pages in our standard and platinum packages we will also offer you up to 5 more pages for additional content such as testimonials, services and anything else you may need.

Logo Branding

Most websites will have a plain text title or possibly a banner but you can’t really use those when printing invoices for customers for example. A good website logo will be something you can use both on your website and for print. In our Platinum package we will create a custom logo for your website that can be used for both online and print and to top it off we’ll provide you with the original .ai vector files of the logo to use and resize how you see fit. For more information on vector images check out our article: “Vector Images for Websites”.

Extra Domain

Your website could benefit from an extra domain name. The domain name for a website is the address you type into the web browser address bar to go to a website. In all of our packages we will give you one domain name which we strongly recommend as a search engine optimized one. This means it is a domain name specifically designed to attract more traffic to your website. However, this means you may have a company name which doesn’t get used that you may also wish to have to make it easy for customers to find your website if they are already looking for it.

This means you can not only attract new customers online with your SEO domain name, but also make it easy for existing and word of mouth customers to find your website too. Both domain names will direct the customer to the same website.

5 Extra SEO Articles

Bulk up your website even more with an additional five SEO articles in our platinum package to help target more search terms, phrases and provide more useful information for visitors. Get your website noticed online with plenty of relevant content.

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