We make selecting your options easy with our basic, standard and platinum packages. You can also choose a variety of extra features too!


Get a Quote

First of all you need to get yourself a quote for your website project. In order to provide you with an accurate quote we will need you to either: a) Tell us the package type and extra features you are interested in or b) Tell us what you want your website to have in it and we will work out the package and features that suits your needs.


How to Pay

We accept payment by bank transfer although in some cases we may also accept paypal. All projects require a 30% deposit of the final sum to be paid upfront before the project starts. You may cancel the project at any time but your deposit is non refundable after 24 hours of payment received. This deposit covers the work already invested in the project and protects our business from fraud.

Once the project is complete, we will hand over the website information including log in details for your designated admin and any images, back ups etc. It is at this point we will require the final payment.

You are free to check up on your website at any time if you have any questions or feedback. We also take extra requests but bear in mind if they are not included in your original quote you may be subject to additional charges. You will of course be notified of this before the extra requests are implemented.

How Long Does it Take?

On average, we estimate our websites at 2 weeks development but this will depend on what other projects we have going on at that time. If your project is queued, we will let you know beforehand and all projects will be assigned an estimated completion time on the quote.

Make sure you have all the information we require available for us as soon as possible, we cannot be held accountable for delays to your project caused by a lack of information. Don’t worry though, we will keep you up to date and informed the whole way.


Basic Website Package:



The bare bones to get you online with a professional website that doesn’t break the bank.


Standard Website Package:








A comprehensive package with everything you need.


Platinum Package:








Our most complete package deal to get the very best website features.

To find out which package is best for you, check out our Website Packages page.

Need something extra? Check out our Extra Options page and see how you can enhance your business even further!

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