Extra Options

We have a variety of extra features you can choose from in addition to your new website for small businesses and self employed. These extras will help your business grow and to give your business a professional look so your customers feel confident and safe in your hands. To view our previous extra options work with others, please feel free to have a browse of our Designers’ Portfolio: Stephanie Adelaar.


If you don’t have a logo in your website package, you can choose to add it on as an extra instead. Your logo will be a high quality vector image that can be re-sized to whatever size you require. We will ensure it is specially developed to be suitable for both print and web so you have a logo you can use for any aspect of your business. In addition to this, we will also ensure your logo looks great both in colour and black and white so your business still looks professional whatever medium you use, whether it’s in an email signature or on a business fax!


Some companies look great with a personal custom mascot. A mascot can be anything from a helpful friendly face to a cheeky jungle animal! You can use your mascot to provide a friendly helpful approach to your business and as a recurring theme across your website.

Business Card Designcarddesign

Company business cards allow you to get noticed while out and about. You may wish to give people a helpful reminder of how to get in touch with you easily or to provide them with several different ways to look into what you are all about later on. Most people don’t want to investigate a new company or business right away when put on the spot, they want to have a think about it and look into it when they have some free time. A business card can allow you to meet new potential customers, and give them all the information they need to find out more on a small card.

Business cards are also another little helpful way of showing your potential customers how professional your business is. Investing time and money into the smaller details can show customers that you are hard working, professional and have invested in your business. It takes pride to create a complete business identity, so you aren’t likely to behave like a “cowboy”. You want your business to stick around, to be recognized and to last for a long time. Please note that PRINTING these business cards is not included in this price.

Letterheads and Invoices/Quotesletterheads

We will also design your letterheads and invoices so they look professional and are quick and easy to fill in. We strongly recommend you obtain our Logo Design service if you want this option. Professional letters, invoices and quotes will make your customer feel more secure with your business, just like face to face liaisons, you need to give the customer your best in all correspondence.


Our hosting services are available for £3.00 per month. If you don’t already have your own hosting, this extra option will be essential to ensure your website is up and running. You can either set up an ongoing payment, or pay yearly all at once.  In order to have any website online you will need both a domain and a hosting package. We can take care of this for you with our hosting plan, you don’t have to worry about anything.


You may need a helping hand, such as adding posts, images, checking comments, uploading projects, videos and more. Our maintenance fee allows you to send us as many new uploads per month as you need to keep your business website up to date. We will discuss with you beforehand what this means.

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