Vector Images for Websites

Unlike traditional computer graphics, vector imagery has one solid benefit that vastly outweighs pixel based imagery. Vector images can be re-sized to be bigger or smaller WITHOUT loosing any data. Have you ever tried to make a picture on the computer bigger, but when you do it just becomes blurry and no longer looks like a high quality image? Well, this simply does not happen with Vector Images.

How Vector Images Work

Essentially, vector programs generate the picture through a series of equations, each one calculating the point, curve, distance for each point etc in relation to every other point in the image. This means that no matter how much you change the size of the image, the entire image will change and adapt relatively and remain the same. This means no image loss.

Why is This Useful?

The ability to seamlessly re-size an image is useful fora variety of print and web purposes but the most popular one is logos. Once you create a business logo, you have no way of knowing exactly what size this logo may need to be in the future. Whether you decide you need it as a 50x50px favicon for a website or a 10m banner outside a high street store, you are going to need a logo that can be easily re-sized and still look exactly the same.

Even if you think you know exactly what size you need your logo to be in now, you should always be mindful of “What if i need another size too?”. Most businesses will need a logo that is available for web and print, colour and greyscale. This is to ensure they can place the logo on letterheads, business cards, invoices, banners, posters, shop signs, adverts, websites, email signatures and more. With so many possibilities, it’s important to invest in a high quality vector image logo for your business.